Prime Protocol

We're building the first natively cross chain prime brokerage. We believe the future is multi-chain, and DeFi needs new financial primitives to increase capital efficiency.

One Account For Every Token

Borrow against your whole portfolio. Loans are collateralized by all deposited assets, giving borrowers the benefits of a diversified portfolio.

Cross Chain Margining

Receive liquidity on any chain - regardless of where collateral is locked.

Universal Monetary Policy

One competitive interest rate for every loan.



Development & Testnet Launch

Single chain deployment to testnet. Smart contract audits.


Mainnet Launch

Support for a wide variety of ERC20 tokens, ibTokens, and LP tokens.


Cross Chain Capability - EVM Chains

Enabling cross margining between the most popular EVM L1 and L2 chains.


Cross Chain Capability - non-EVM Chains

We want to support every degen in every ecosystem. If there's yield, we will help you capture it.


One decentralized stablecoin
for every DeFi ecosystem.

How It Works

USP is an overcollateralized stablecoin, stabilized by Prime's monetary policy

Borrow USP at low rates with zero deposit fees

Participate in liquidations and arbitrage opportunity to help stabilize USP

Leverage your portfolio up to 11x

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